SOS 4.13 Released, March 2019

>SOS Knowledge Updates 2018/4 highlights: A major update on the synthesis and application of bismuth compounds (A. Gagnon, E. Benoit, and A. Le Roch), an area which has seen much growth in recent years. Updates on carbamic acids and esters (J. Podlech), tetraheterosubstituted methanes with a carbonhalogen bond (M. Kleoff, K. Omoregbee, and R. Zimmer), various alkenylsulfur compounds including alk-1-enesulfonic acids, alk-1-enyl sulfones, S-alk-1-enylsulfoximides, alk-1-enesulfinic acids, alk-1-enyl sulfoxides, and sulfimides (R. Kawecki), and oxetanes and oxetan-3-ones (R. A. Croft and J. A. Bull) Photocatalysis in Organic Synthesis: Introduces the important basic concepts of photophysics and describes typical laboratory set-ups for photoredox catalysis, thus enabling instant and reliable application of these new synthetic tools. Key photocatalytic transformations are discussed in detail, including representative experimental procedures, followed by a collection of industrial case studies. Rather than aiming for a comprehensive coverage, solutions are presented for challenging transformations in synthesis that employ visible light and suitable dyes. To this end, the authors, a team of pioneers and leaders in the field, discuss both the practical and conceptual aspects of this rapidly growing area of synthetic chemistry. A primary objective is to present a collection of the most useful, practical, and reliable methods of photocatalysis to a wider audience.

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