SOS 4.14 Released, July 2019

>SOS Knowledge Updates 2019/1 highlights: A new chapter on the combination of gold catalysis with enzyme catalysis, organocatalysis, or transition-metal catalysis (I. Celik, S. Hummel, and S. F. Kirsch). Such dual catalytic approaches involving gold have received much attention in recent years as they can lead to unprecedented reactivity; this review presents recent highlights in the area. A completely revised chapter on lithium amides (C. T. Nieto, J. Eames, and N. M. Garrido). The synthesis and applications of both achiral and chiral lithium amides are reviewed, with a particular focus on the use of chiral lithium amides in asymmetric processes. A major update on the synthesis of isoquinolines, isoquinoline N-oxides, and isoquinolinium salts (B. S. Pilgrim and M. J. Tucker), with an emphasis on transition-metal-catalyzed routes to these important heterocyclic systems. Updates on the synthesis of imidic acids, isoureas, guanidines, and their derivatives (J. Podlech).

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