SOS Author Spotlight: Philip Harris

>The content of Science of Synthesis has recently been supplemented with a series of chapters by Dr. Philip A. Harris (PA, U.S.A) on the major strategies for the preparation of a variety of hetarene structures based on the pyrido[1,2-α]indole motif. The scope covers benzo-fused derivatives, and also extends to separate chapters covering azapyrido[1,2-α]indoles (which feature an additional nitrogen atom as part of the ring system). Pyrido[1,2-α]indoles and azapyrido[1,2-α]indoles are important structural motifs found in a number of biologically active polycyclic indole alkaloids. Substituted pyrido[1,2-α]indoles can also be highly fluorescent, displaying acid-responsive photoluminescence, and can form the core structures of organic semiconductors. Their intriguing structural features and the biological significance of the natural products containing a pyrido[1,2-α]indole unit have led to the development of multiple strategies for their synthesis.

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