What is Results?
The results tab contains a listing of all those documents in Science of Synthesis which contain a match for the search criteria. Each hit corresponds to one document; however, a hit document may contain more than one match and long contributions on a relevant topic may commonly contain many matches.

Results Settings (Functions):
The Functions menu provides various options for managing the entire results hit list. The associated button panel allows the user specify basic settings such as the number of hits displayed. Options include:
Save/Load: save the current hit list between sessions or load a previously saved hit list.
Select/Deselect all: include/exclude all hits when reviewing the list.
Reset all: return to the initially obtained hit list.

Sorting the Results:
There are two options to sort the entire results hit list (by hit relevance or by publication date).
Publication date: hits are sorted chronologically by the publication date of the relevant Science of Synthesis volume (earliest to latest).
Relevance: an internal algorithm rates hits in order of relevance to the search criteria with the most relevant being shown first.

Filtering the Results:
A number of metadata options are available to allow rapid filtering of results hit lists by various criteria. Simply select the required tick-boxes in the left side-bar and click "Update" to generate a revised hit list. Options vary according to the search criteria given, and examples of those included are as follows:
Structures: exact structure, substructure, reactant, product, catalyst, solvent, molecule (structure not in a reaction scheme).
Text: titles, text, references.

Reviewing Individual Results:
Individual results may be selected/deselected using the check-box in the left-hand corner of each hit. A number of preview options are available for each hit, as follows:
Show Reaction: shows the relevant transformation and associated reaction details.
Show Single Step Reactions: breaks down generic structures (i.e., tabulated information) and multi-step reactions into the analogous single-step transformations. Clicking on each reaction takes the user to the appropriate full text entry.
Show Full Text: click on the main title or the "Show Full Text" link to view the full content of Science of Synthesis, including experimental procedures and references.

Show TOC: explore the hierarchical content of Science of Synthesis and place the hit in the context of the wider chemical field.