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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-002-00214

Kündig, E. P.; Pache, S. H.Science of Synthesis, (20032195.

A conceptually different route to nonracemic planar chiral complexes is a sequence based on nucleophilic addition followed by endo-hydride abstraction.[‌121‌] This approach is successful with chromiumarene complexes bearing substituents (imines, hydrazones, oxazolines) that can coordinate the organolithium reagent. The diastereoselective version of these reactions used a (S)-1-amino-2-(methoxymethyl)pyrrolidine (SAMP) hydrazone complex, leading to diastereoselectivities in excess of 97%.[‌246‌] The enantioselective variant uses as nucleophile an alkyl- or aryllithium reagent (methyl-, butyl-, phenyl-, or vinyllithium) in the presence of the chiral ligand (spartein or diethers). Best results are reported for dimethoxydiphenylethane. The chiral nucleophile differentiates between the two enantiotopic ortho carbons. Hydride abstraction from the intermediate η5-cyclohexadienyl complex by the trityl cation, presumably again assisted by the Lewis basic aryl substituent, yields planar chiral complexes 47, 119, and 120 with enantioselectivities up to 98% (Scheme 41).[‌247‌]

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