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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-002-00315

Poli, R.; Smith, K. M.Science of Synthesis, (20032307.

Electron-rich metal complexes containing at least one electron pair in a metal-based orbital may undergo a classical two-electron oxidative addition of al­kyl halides, making a new metalal­kyl bond (Scheme 25). This synthetic strategy is thus generally limited to systems supported by electron-donating ancillary ligands. No synthetically useful examples of this type of reactivity have been described for non­car­bon­yl-containing group 6 organometallic species where the halide ion is incorporated in the coordination sphere of the metal. However, there are examples of two-electron oxidative addition reactions of al­kyl halides where the halide remains as an outer sphere counterion, as in the preparation of 62.[‌102‌]

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