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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-003-00138

O'Brien, P.; Malik, M. A.Science of Synthesis, (20043103.

This method avoids the storage of free carbon diselenide, which is a highly noxious substance. In this procedure the product is prepared in a three-step reaction. In the first step, carbon disulfide or carbon diselenide is reacted with excess diethylamine to give the diethylammonium salt 14 of N,N-diethyldiseleno(or dithio)carbamate, which is then reacted with cadmium(II) chloride to give the cadmium N,N-diethyldiseleno(or dithio)carbamate 15. Finally, reaction of the cadmium carbamate 15 with a dialkylcadmium gives product 16 by a comproportionation reaction (Scheme 14).[‌38‌]

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