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4.4.9 Product Subclass 9: Silylzinc Reagents

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-004-00255

Hemeon, I.; Singer, R. D.Science of Synthesis, (20024225.

General Introduction

The first compound containing a SiZn bond to be successfully isolated was bis(triphenylsilyl)zinc(II).[‌1‌] This ivory white powder is prepared in 85% yield under an inert atmosphere (i.e., in the absence of air and moisture) by the addition of 2 equivalents of triphenylsilylpotassium to zinc(II) chloride in liquid ammonia. It was recognized at this early time that bis(triorganosilyl)zinc compounds are reactive and readily hydrolyzed with acids or bases. Some 16 years after this report of the first silylzinc compound, the first alkylsilylzinc derivative was reported.[‌2‌] The reaction of zinc(II) chloride or acetate with lithium tetrakis(trimethylsilyl)aluminate (see Section 4.4.8) in diethyl ether affords a pale yellow precipitate of bis(trimethylsilyl)zinc(II).

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