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4.4.25 Product Subclass 25: Acylsilanes

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-004-00559

Page, P. C. B.; McKenzie, M. J.Science of Synthesis, (20024513.

General Introduction

A number of reviews of acylsilane synthesis and reactivity have appeared.[‌1‌‌17‌] Simple acylsilanes are often green or yellow-green in color, and early research work concentrates on their spectroscopic properties.[‌1‌,‌3‌,‌12‌,‌16‌,‌18‌‌21‌] In addition to their fascinating spectroscopic behavior, however, acylsilanes exhibit interesting chemistry, and their synthesis poses a number of challenges. In general, they display rather poor stability toward light and especially toward basic conditions, but their sensitivity depends to a large extent upon their structure; for example, while α-oxoacylsilanes are especially sensitive, α,β-unsaturated acylsilanes are relatively stable. The last 1520 years have seen a steady increase in the level of investigation into the synthesis and chemistry of acylsilanes, resulting in improved methods of preparation of many types of acylsilane and in interesting new reactions.[‌5‌‌17‌] This chapter is principally concerned with methods of synthesis of all types of acylsilanes; a survey of reactivity is also included. A simple descriptive spectroscopy section is presented below. Readers are referred to publications cited in the text and to earlier reviews for more detail.

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