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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-004-00909

Sarkar, T. K.Science of Synthesis, (20024905.

Lewis acid catalyzed allylation of aldehydes and ketones with allylsilanes can provide homoallyl alcohols.[‌20‌,‌21‌,‌30‌] These reactions usually require stoichiometric amounts of Lewis acid, although a catalytic version is also possible (Scheme 4).[‌40‌] Diastereocontrol in the reactions of but-2-enylsilanes with aldehydes was shown in Scheme 2. Remarkably, a single diastereomer of dienediol 231 is obtained by the titanium tetrachloride catalyzed reaction of an isomeric mixture of allylsilanes 230 with pentanal (Scheme 88).[‌283‌] Incidentally, the pure E,E-isomer of 230 is available by the synthetic method described in Section (Scheme 36).

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