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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-005-00189

Clark, A. J.Science of Synthesis, (20035220.

The reduction of alkyl, vinyl, and aryl halides to the corresponding hydrocarbons can be accomplished in excellent yields with tin hydride reagents.[‌34‌‌36‌] Tributylstannane and triphenylstannane are most commonly employed, for example, in the conversion of 5-bromodecal-1-one (24) into decal-1-one (25),[‌144‌] and 4-bromotoluene (26) into toluene (27)[‌95‌] (Scheme 18). These reagents react by a radical-chain mechanism: a tin radical is formed initially and this abstracts a halogen atom from the halide to form a new carbon-centered radical.[‌8‌] The final step involves abstraction of a hydrogen atom from the tin hydride by the carbon radical to give the hydrocarbon product and to regenerate the tin radical (the chain carrier) (see Scheme 13). The formation of the relatively strong SnX bond, at the expense of the weaker SnH bond, is the thermodynamic driving force for the reaction. Practically, the order of reactivity for simple halides is R1I>R1Br>R1Cl>>R1F (109 M1s1, 107 M1s1, and 102 M1s1 for the cleavage of the CI, CBr, and CCl bonds, respectively).[‌34‌‌36‌] Although iodides and bromides often react with tin hydrides without the need of radical initiators, initiators are required for the scission of the CCl bond. On the other hand, a CF bond is mostly unreactive, although there are a limited number of examples where a tin hydride is effective in causing scission.[‌145‌,‌146‌] As long as the radicals generated from homolytic cleavage of the CX bond do not undergo radical rearrangements or cyclizations (see Sections and, yields are normally good to excellent, and many functional groups can be tolerated. In fact, if competing rearrangement is observed, it is sometimes possible to suppress the undesired reaction by careful manipulation of the reaction conditions. Such methods may seek to minimize the lifetime of the intermediate radical by changing the stannane to a better hydrogen atom donor, by altering the concentration of reagents, or by utilizing different temperatures and solvents. For example, in the case of 6-bromo-1,1a,6,6a-tetrahydrocyclopropa[a]indene (28), reduction with tri­butylstannane causes elimination to 1-methyl-(1H)-indene (29), whereas treatment with triphenylstannane affords the hydrocarbon 1,1a,6,6a-tetrahydrocyclopropa[a]indene (30) (Scheme 18).[‌147‌]

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