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5.3 Product Class 3: Lead Compounds

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-005-00610

Moloney, M. G.Science of Synthesis, (20035619.

General Introduction

The chemistry and wider perception of organolead compounds has been dominated by the multiton preparation and use of tetraethyllead as an antiknock petroleum additive for most of the twentieth century. For the synthetic chemist, however, tetraalkyllead derivatives are probably neither the most interesting nor useful, and it is only over the last three decades that certain classes of lead compounds have come to be accepted as valuable synthetic intermediates. Lead(II) salts rarely find application in organic synthesis, but the most well-known lead(IV) salt, lead(IV) acetate, as a result of its high oxidizing potential,[‌1‌] finds application as an oxidant of diverse functional groups; the early studies by Criegee firmly established the utility of lead(IV) acetate in this regard, but inclusion of the details of these applications, however, falls outside the scope of this volume of Science of Synthesis, and the reader is referred to other authoritative reviews of the subject.[‌2‌‌6‌] ­Lead(IV) acetate has, for example, found extensive use in heterocycle synthesis,[‌7‌] and ­sonochemistry has been used to advantage in some cases in the control of selectivity of oxidation processes.[‌8‌] Other lead(IV) salts have emerged as synthetically useful reagents for diverse chemical applications,[‌9‌,‌10‌] and recently the utility of chiral lead(IV) ­carboxylates for oxidative cleavage[‌11‌] and enantioselective aziridinations mediated by lead(IV) acetatechiral ligands[‌12‌] has been recognized.


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