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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-006-00003

Matteson, D. S.Science of Synthesis, (2005623.

The brief review of asymmetric alkylhydroborane chemistry in this section is intended to provide an overview of the capabilities of these reagents. This chemistry was well developed before 1990, and a review has been published.[‌75‌] For the limited variety of asymmetric structures that can be made in high enantiomeric purity by hydroboration, there is usually no more efficient method. The variety of asymmetric organoboranes that can be made by hydroboration is limited by the rules that govern regioselectivity and stereoselectivity in accord with steric effects. Hydroboration is particularly valuable for making certain types of asymmetric cycloalkyl compounds. A simple and much more general synthesis of acyclic secondary alcohols and other borane derivatives, including highly functionalized structures, in very high enantiopurity is provided by the reaction of boronic esters with dichloromethyllithium to provide α-chlorinated boronic esters, which can be converted into a wide range of products (see Sections and[‌88‌‌90‌] The chemistry of chlorinated boronic esters also shows promise for certain functionalized cyclic structures different from those available from hydroboration procedures.[‌35‌] Although catalytic methods of asymmetric synthesis have excited the most interest latterly, both enantiomers of α-pinene are available in useful purity (8492% ee) at moderate cost, and can be upgraded to >99% ee by crystallization of borane derivatives. From a practical point of view, the net expense of using these reagents may be less than that of catalytic methods with expensive asymmetric catalysts derived from transition metals. Metal-based catalysts may require considerable initial capital investment, and catalyst recovery is never quite 100%. Some of the hydroboration sequences allow recovery of α-pinene, further reducing net reagent cost.

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