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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-007-00466

Zhang, J.-H.; Keh, C. C. K.; Li, C.-J.Science of Synthesis, (20047515.

As mentioned earlier, magnesium hydride (1) can be converted into other magnesium hydride derivatives such as organomagnesium hydrides, which are also useful reducing agents. For example, cyclopentadienylmagnesium hydride is prepared by the reaction of magnesium hydride (1) either with bis(cyclopentadienyl)magnesium[‌13‌] or with cyclopentadiene in tetrahydrofuran,[‌14‌] and can reduce aromatic ketones, polynuclear hydrocarbons, and trityl halides through a single-electron-transfer mechanism. The alkoxymagnesium hydride 2,6-(diisopropylphenoxy)magnesium hydride (7) has been employed in the stereoselective reduction of substituted cyclohexanones 6 to the corresponding alcohols 8A and 8B in excellent yields. When magnesium hydride 7 is used, more of cyclohexanol 8A, the product from equatorial attack, forms than when magnesium hydride (1) is used (Scheme 4).[‌15‌]

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