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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-008-00003

Dieter, R. K.Science of Synthesis, (2006883.

Aromatic compounds are reduced by alkali metals in liquid ammonia (Birch reduction) under conditions first reported by Wooster and Godfrey,[‌344‌] but developed by Birch.[‌345‌,‌346‌] The reaction has been amply reviewed[‌221‌,‌345‌‌357‌] and only an overview will be presented here. The reduction of organic compounds with lithium in amines (e.g., ethane-1,2-diamine, primary amines), reported by Ziegler in 1934,[‌358‌] is known as the Benkeser reduction and is a more powerful reducing system than lithiumammonia.[‌221‌] Cyclohexa-1,4-dienes are the principal products in Birch reductions of benzenoid aromatics, although overreduction, double-bond isomerization, dimerization, bond cleavage of heteroatom substituents, and reduction of substituent groups can occur.[‌353‌,‌354‌] Benzenoid aromatic compounds fall into three classes. (1) Benzene and unactivated systems (e.g., alkylbenzenes, aryl ethers, anilines) in which the radical anion is not protonated by the ammonia solvent and requires added acids (e.g., alcohols). 2. Activated benzenes (e.g., aryl acids, benzoates, aryl ketones, biphenyls) and polynuclear aromatics which form dianion intermediates that are protonated by ammonia. 3. Systems forming dianions resistant to protonation by ammonia.[‌354‌] Reductive alkylation is possible for class 2 systems capable of forming dianions. In reactivity, tert-butylbenzene < aniline < ethylbenzene < benzene < anisole < sodium benzoate (relative rates=0.050, 0.10, 0.25, 1.0, 3.28, >200, respectively).[‌353‌] Reduction rates have been determined for benzene[‌359‌] and relative rates may also be affected by long-range electrostatic effects.[‌360‌] The Birch reduction can be sensitive to the metal employed, concentration, use of cosolvents, order of addition, and the final quench procedure. Lithium is more likely than sodium to result in overreduction of polynuclear aromatics, since the lithium salts are more prone to protonation by ammonia.[‌354‌,‌361‌] Lithium has the highest reduction potential of the alkali metals (Li, Na, K: 2.99, 2.59, 2.73V, respectively)[‌353‌] and offers several advantages in the Birch reduction.[‌354‌] It is the most reactive and soluble of the alkali metals in liquid ammonia and its high solubility permits the use of cosolvents (diethyl ether, tetrahydrofuran, dimethylformamide) in larger quantities. The solubility of the resultant metal amides in liquid ammonia is in the order lithium amide < sodium amide < potassium amide and the lower solubility of lithium amide minimizes base-catalyzed isomerizations and other side reactions. Lithium reduces benzene faster than alcohols, while the reductive metalation of alcohols with sodium or potassium is the faster reaction in liquid ammonia.[‌362‌] These competitive rates can significantly influence reaction outcomes in the metalammoniaalcohol systems commonly employed in Birch reductions.

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Me, M8M(MM8)8MM8 88e [‌888‌]
Me, MeMM8 888 (8:8)e [‌888‌]
8. Me, eee MM88. MeMe 88e,e [‌888‌]
Me, MM8, MMM 88 [‌888‌]
Me, MM8, MeMM, MM8Me, 88°M, 88eee 88 [‌888‌]
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e Meeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee: Me, MeMM8, MeMM8; eeeee: 88% (8:8).[‌888‌]

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