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9.7.3 Product Subclass 3: 1H-Triphosphirenes

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-009-00136

Heydt, H.Science of Synthesis, (20019132.

Free 1H-triphosphirenes are unknown. The bonding situation and energies of cyclo-P3H[‌27‌] and the cyclo-P3 anion[‌28‌] as well as hexaphosphabicyclopropene, a P6 isomer of hexaphosphabenzene, have been the subjects of ab initio calculations.[‌29‌,‌30‌] The P3 unit occurs as a cyclo-P3 ligand in several metal complexes.[‌31‌] These compounds are obtained from reactions of P4 with suitable organometallic reagents. The complex 49,[‌32‌] obtained from P4 and hexaaquacobalt(II) tetrafluoroborate, can be methylated by methyl triflate to give 50 (Scheme 12).[‌33‌]

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