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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-011-00783

Kikelj, D.; Urleb, U.Science of Synthesis, (200211641.

When N-alkylimines 54 are treated with elementary sulfur in the gas phase, at temperatures above 300°C,[‌48‌] or with sulfur dioxide in the presence of a metal oxide catalyst at 450°C,[‌163‌,‌181‌,‌182‌] thiazoles 39 are produced (Scheme 18). Both processes are of industrial importance, but the first gives byproducts that present environmental problems. The second, in which sulfur dioxide is used as a source of sulfur, produces only water as a volatile byproduct. Secondary amines on reaction with sulfur in the gas phase at 500°C also give modest yields of thiazoles.[‌48‌,‌183‌]

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