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14.1 Product Class 1: Pyrylium Salts

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-014-00002

Balaban, T. S.; Balaban, A. T.Science of Synthesis, (20031411.

General Introduction

Pyrylium cations are six-membered aromatic heterocycles with one positively charged oxygen heteroatom. Several books[‌1‌,‌2‌] and book chapters[‌3‌‌9‌] have reviewed the chemistry, physical properties, and applications of pyrylium salts. The accompanying non-nucleophilic anions are usually halides, tetrafluoroborate, perchlorate, hexafluorophosphate, hydrogensulfate, and triflate. With some anions, such as iodide or pseudohalides (SCN, SeCN, TeCN, etc.), charge-transfer interactions between the ion pairs may be observed in the electronic absorption spectra in the solid state or in nonpolar solvents. Pyrylium cations contain the strongest single electronic perturbation that can be introduced into a benzene ring, because oxygen is the most electronegative atom in the periodic table after fluorine, which cannot become an sp2-hybridized heteroatom in an aromatic ring. The perturbation of even pyridinium salts with the strongest acceptor substituents attached to the nitrogen atom that are able to ring open upon nucleophilic attack is not as strong as that in pyrylium cations. This has several consequences, and these will be discussed vide infra.

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Mee-eeeeee eeeeeeee:

Meeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee: MM(MM8)8, M8M(MM8)8, M8MM8 (M=eeeeeee)

Meee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee: M8MMM, M8MM(MM8)8

Mee-eeeeee eeeeeeee (M8MMMM8M8; ee eee eeeeeeee eeeee M8=M):

M8MMMe, M8M(MM8)=MM8, M8M(MMMM8)=MM8, M8M(MMeM88)=MM8, M8MM=MM8, M8MM=MMM, M8M(MM88)=MM8, M8MMM (M=eeeeeee)

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Meeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee: M8MMMM8MMM8, M8MMMMM8, M8MMMM=MMM8, M8MMMM=M(MM88)M8, M8MMMM8MMM M8MMMM=MMMM (M=eeeeeee)

Meee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee: M8MMMM=MMM8, M8MMMM8MM(MM)M8, M8MMMM8MMMM8 (M=eeeeeee)

Meee-eeeeee eeeeeeee:


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