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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-015-01146

Álvarez, M.; Joule, J. A.Science of Synthesis, (200515795.

The arrival of metal-catalyzed cross-coupling methodologies, particularly using palladium(0), has made a major impact on isoquinoline chemistry, as elsewhere. Most of the ­examples involve halo- or triflyloxy-substitution of the heterocyclic ring of isoquinolines. There are fewer examples involving halo-substitution of the benzene of iso­quinolines, but these include the conversion of 6-bromoisoquinoline into a 6-carbox­ylate by carbonylation using carbon monoxide, palladium(II) acetate in dimethylform­amide/methanol at 100°C[‌422‌] and arylation of several benzene-ring halides, including chlorides, using nickel catalysis to give 5-, 6-, 7-, or 8-arylisoquinolines 479 (Scheme 223).[‌423‌]

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