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18 Four Carbon—Heteroatom Bonds: X—C≡X, X=C=X, X2C=X, CX4

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-018-00001

Knight, J. G.Science of Synthesis, (2005181.

This volume covers the synthesis of compounds containing four carbonheteroatom bonds. These are shown in Table 1 together with the sections in which they appear.

Meeee 8 Meeeeeeeee eee Meeeeeeeeeee ee eee Meee MeeeeeMeeeeeeeee Meee Meeeeeeeee Meeeeeeee Meeeeee ee Meeeee 88

Meeeeee Meeee Meeeeeeeee Meeeeee(e) Meeeeee
eeeeeeee eeeeeee, eeeeeeee eee eeeee eeeeee, eeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee, eeeeeeee eee eeeeeeee eeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeeeeeeee MMM, MMM (M=eeee, MM8, MM8, MeM8, MeM8, MM8M8) 88.8
eeeeee eeeeeee, eeeeeeee eeeeeee, eeeeee eeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeee, eee eeeee eeeeeeee, eeeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee M=M=M (M, M=M, M, Me, Me, MM8, MM8) 88.8
eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeee MM(M)M (M=eeee; M=eeee, MM8, MM8, MeM8, MM8M8, MM8M8) 88.8
eeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee, eee eeeee eeeeee, eeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee MM(M)M (M, M=MM8, MM8, MeM8, MeM8) 88.8
eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee, eee eeeee eeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeee ee MM(M)M (M=M=MM8, MM8) 88.8
eeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee, eee eeeee eeeeee, eeeeeeee, eeeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee MM(M)MM8M8, MM(M)MM8M8 (M=MM8, MM8, MeM8, MeM8) 88.8
eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee, eee eeeee eeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeee ee MM(M)MM8M8 (M=MM8, MM8) 88.8
eeeee M8M8MM(M)MM8M8 88.8
eeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeee eeeee ee M8M8MM(M)MM8M8 88.8
eeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee, eeeee, eee eeeee eeeeee, eeeeeeee, eeeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee MM(M)M (M, M=eeee, MM8, MM8, MeM8, MeM8, MM8M8, MM8M8) 88.88
eeeeee- eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeeeeeeee MM(Me)M, MM(Me)M (M, M=eeee, MM8, MM8, MeM8, MeM8, MM8M8, MM8M8) 88.88
eeeeee eeeee, eeeeeeee, eee eeeee eeeeee, eeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee MM(=MM8)M, MM(=MM8)M (M, M=eeee, M, MM8, MeM8, MeM8, MM8M8, MM8M8) 88.88
eeeeeeeeee M8M8MM(=MM8)MM8M8 88.88
eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeee MM(=MM8)MM8M8, MM(=MM8)M (M, M=MM8M8, MM8M8) 88.88
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeee e eeeeeeeeeeeee eeee MMM8 (M=eeee; M=eeee, MM8, MM8, MeM8, MeM8, MM8M8, MM8M8) 88.88
eeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee MM8 (M=MM8, MM8, MeM8, MeM8, MM8M8, MM8M8) 88.88

Meeeeeeeee ee eeeeeee ee eeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eeeeee eee eeeee ee eeee eeeeeee. Meeeeeeeeee ee eeee eeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eeee eeeeeee eeee eeee eeee eeeeeeee ee eee eeee eeeeee eee eee eeeeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeee eeeee ee eeeeeeee. Meeee eeeeeeee, eeee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeee:

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8. Meeeeeeeeeee ee eee eeeee ee eee eeeeee ee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee, eeeeee; eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeee ee eee eee ee eee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeee; e eeeee ee eeeeeeee (eee eeeeeeee eeeeeee); eeeeeeee eeeeeee.

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Meeeeee 88.8 eeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eee MMM ee MMM eeee. Meee ee eeeee eee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeeee. Meeeeeee eeeeeeee (MMM) ee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeee ee eeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeee ee eeee eeeeeeeeeee. Me eeeeeeee, eeeeeeee eeeeeee (MeMM) eee eeeeeeee (MeMM) eee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee. Mee ee eee eeeeeeee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee eee eeeee eeee eeee eeeeeeeeee eee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee. Meeee eeeeeeeee eee ee eeee ee eeeeeee eeee ee eee eeeee eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee ee Meeeeee 88.8; eee eeeeeee, eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeee eeeee ee eeeeeeee 8 (Meeeee 8).[‌8‌‌8‌]

Meeeee 8 Meeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeee ee Meeeeeee Meeeeee[‌8‌‌8‌]

Meeeeee ee eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeee, eeeeeeee (M8MMM) eee eeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeee eeeeee eeeeeeee. Meeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeee ee eee eeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeee (M8MMM).[‌8‌] Meeee eeeeeeeeeeee (M8MMM) eeeeeeeee ee e eeeeeee eee, eee eee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee eeeeee eeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee. Me eeeeeeee, eeeeee- eee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee eeee eeeeee eee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeee eee ee eee eeeeeeee ee eee MMe ee MMe eeee.

Meeeeeee eeeeeeee 8 eee ee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeee,[‌8‌] eee eee eeeeee ee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee ee e eeeeeeee eeeeee ee e eeeeeeeee eeeee 8 (Meeeee 8).[‌8‌] Meeeeeee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeeee eee eee eeee eeeeeeee, eeee eeeee, eee eeeeee ee eeeeee. Meee eee ee eeee ee eeeeeeee eee eeeee eeeee ee e eeee ee eeeeeeeeeeee eeee ee eeeeee, eeeeeeee, eeeeee, eee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeee ee eeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee.[‌8‌]

Meeeee 8 Meeeeeeee ee Meeeeeee Meeeeeee[‌8‌,‌8‌]

Meeeeeeee eeeeee (M8MMM) ee eeeeee eeeee eee eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeeee eeeee. Meeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee (M8MMMM) eee eee ee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee, ee eeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeeee eeeee ee Meeeee 8. Meee eee eeeeeeee eeee ee eeeeeeeeee ee e eeeee ee eeeee eeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeee ee eeee eeeeee (eeeee, eeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeee, eee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee).[‌8‌‌88‌]

Meeeee 8 Meeeeeeee Meeee ee Meeeeeeeee

Mee eeee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (8, eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, MMMM), eeeee ee eeee ee eee Meeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeee eeeeeee (Meeeee 8).[‌88‌] Meeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee ee e eeeeeeee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee, eee eeeeeee ee eeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeee eeee eeeeeeeeee.[‌88‌]

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Mee eeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee (MMM) eeee eeee eeeeeeee. Meee eee eeeeeee eeeeeeee, ee eee eeeee, ee eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee. Mee MM eeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee ee eeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeee (M=M=M) eee eee eeeeeee ee Meeeeee 88.8. Mee ee eeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeeee eeee eee eeeeeee eeeeee ee eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee M eee M, eeeee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeee eee eee eeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeee ee e eeeee ee eeeeeeeeee eee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee. Meeeee ee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeee eeee ee eeeee eeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeee ee eeee eeeeee (Meeeee 8). Meee eeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee eee ee eee π-eeeee, eeeeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeee eeee π-eeeeeee eeeee eeee eeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee.

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Meeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee eeeeeee eee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeee eee eeeee eeeeeeeee.[‌88‌,‌88‌] Meeeee eeeeeeeee ee eeee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeee eeeeeee eee ee eee M=M eeeee eeeee eeeeee eee eeeeee eeeeee π-eeeeeee eeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee M=M eeeee. Mee eeeeeee eeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eee eeee eeee eeeee ee eeeeeee eee eeeeeee eeeeeeee ee ee-eeee eeeeee eeeeeeeee. Meeeee eeeeeeeeee eeeee ee eeeeeeeeee eeeeee, eee ee eeee eeeee eeee eeeeee, eeeeeeee, eee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee.

Meeeeeeeeee (M8MMM) eee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee (MMMe8) eeee eeeeeee eeeeee (M8MM8). Me e eeeee eeeee, eee Meeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee eeeeee 8 ee e eeee eeeeeeeeee eeeeee (Meeeee 8).[‌88‌‌88‌] Meeeeeeeeeeeeee (M8MMM) eee eeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee eee eeee eee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee. Meeeeeee eeee eeeeee, eeeeee, eee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee.[‌88‌]

Meeeee 8 Meeeeeeeeee eeee Meeeeee Meeeeeeeeeeee ee Meee Meeeee[‌88‌‌88‌]

Mee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee (M8M=M=MM8) ee eeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee. Meee eee eeeeee ee eeee eeeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeee. Meeeeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eee eee eeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeee eeeee ee eeeeeee-eeeeeeee eeeeeeeee, eeeee eee eeeee eeeeeeeee ee e eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeee ee 8M-eeeeeeeeeeee-8-ee (8-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, MeMM) (Meeeee 8).[‌88‌,‌88‌]

Meeeee 8 Meeeeee Meeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeee eee 8M-Meeeeeeeeeee-8-ee[‌88‌,‌88‌]

Mee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee e M=M eeee eee eeee eeeeee eeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeeee. Mee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (M8M=M=M) eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (M8M=M=MM8) eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee ee eee eeeeee eeee. Me eeeeeeee, eee 8λ8,8λ8-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) 8 eee eeeeeeee eeeee ee eee eeeeee eee ee eee eeeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeee (Meeeee 8). Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (M8M=M=MM8) eee eeee eeeeee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeeee.

Meeeee 8 Meeeeeeee Meeee ee Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Meeeeee 88.8 eeeeee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeee. Mee ee eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee eee eeeeeee eee eee eeeee eeeeeeeeee, eeeee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeee eeeeee eee eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeee ee eeeeeeee, eeeeeee, eeeeee, eee eeeeee (Meeeee 8).

Meeeee 8 Meeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeeeeeee ee Meeeeeee Meee Meeeeee

Meeeeeee (MMMe8) ee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eee ee eee eeee-eeeee eeeeee ee eeee eeeeeee eeeee. Meeeeee eee eeee eeeeeeee, ee ee eeeeee eeee ee e eeeeeeeee, eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eee e eeee eeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeee. Meeeeeee eeee eeeeeeee ee eee eeee eeeeee eeee eeeeee eee eee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeee (M8MMMMe), eeeee eee eeeeeeee eeee eee eee eeeeeeeeee ee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeeee 8 (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌] Meeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeee eeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee M-eeeeee (M8MMMMe).[‌88‌]

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee Meeeeeeeee ee Meeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeeee Meeeee[‌88‌]

Meeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee 8 eeeee eee eeee eeeee ee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeee, eeeeee, eee eeeeee, ee eeee eeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeee, eee eeeee eeeeeeeeeeee (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌]

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeee Meeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeeeeeee ee Meeeeeee eee e Meeeeeeee Meeeeeee[‌88‌]

Mee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee eee eeeeeee ee Meeeeee 88.8. Meeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeee (M8MMM8M) eee eeeeee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee eeeeeeee eee eeeeee eeeeeee. Mee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeeee (M8MMM8M), eeeee eee eeee eeeeee eeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee ee e eeeee eeeeeeee ee eeeeee eeeeeee, eee eeee eeee eeeeee. Mee eeee eeeeee eeeeeee eeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee (M8MMM8M8). Meeee eee eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eee ee eeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee ee ee eeeeeee eeee ee eeee e eeeeeeeeeeeee 8, eeeee eee ee eeeeeee eeee e eeeeee eeeeeee ee eeee eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeee 88 (Meeeee 88).

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeee eeee Meeeeeee eee Meeeeeee

Mee(eeeeeeeeeeeeeee) eeeeeeeee (88), eeeee ee eeeee ee eeeeeeeeeee, ee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeee. Meeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeee eee eee eee eeeeeeeee ee eeeee e eeeee, eeee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeee ee eeeeee.[‌88‌] Meeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeee ee eeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeee eeeee eeeeeeee ee eeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeeeee (Meeeee 88).

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeee eee Meeeeeee eeee Meeeeeeeeeee Me Meeeeeee Meeeeeee[‌88‌]

Meeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee [eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee, (M8MMM)8M] eeee ee ee-eeee-eeeee eeeeeeeeeee (88) eee eeee ee eeeeeeeee eeeeee, ee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeee. Meee eee eeeeee eeee ee eeeee eeee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeee eeeeee (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌]

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee Meeeeeeeee ee Meeee Meeee Meeee Me-eeee-eeeee Meeeeeeeeee[‌88‌]

Meeeee- eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eee eee eeee eeeeee eeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee. Meeeeeeeeeeeee eeee M,Me-eeeeeeee 88 eee ee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee ee e eeeeeee eeee ee eeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌] Meeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeee 88 ee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee ee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee 88, eeeee eee eeeeeee eeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeee, eeee ee ee eeeeee, ee eeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeee ee eeeee eeeeeee (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌]

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeeeee Meee M,Me-Meeeeeee eee Meeeeeeee Me Meee ee Meeeeeeeeeeeee Meeeeee[‌88‌]

Meeeeeeeeeeeee (Meeeeee 88.8) eee eeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee ee e eeee (ee eeeeeeee) eeee eeeeeeee (Meeeee 88). Meee eee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eee ee eeeee eeee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eeee ee eeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee, eee eeeee eeeeeeeeee.

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Meeeeee 88.8 eeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeeee. Mee eeeeee eeeeeeee, eeeeeeee eeee (M8MMM8M), ee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee eee eee eeee eeeeeeee. Meeeeeeee eeeee (M8M8MMM8 M+; M=MM8, eeeee) eee eeeeeee eeeeee eee eee ee eeee eee eeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeee eeeeee (M8M8MMM8M8). Mee eeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeee eeeeee ee ee eeeeeeeeee eeeeee eee eee eeeee eeeeeeee.[‌88‌] Mee eeeee eee eeee eeeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeee eeee eeee eee eee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeee eeeee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeeeee. Meeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee ee eeee eeeee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee ee ee eeeee eeee eeeeee e eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee (Meeeee 88) ee e eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌,‌88‌] Me eeeeeee-eeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeee eeee eeeeeeeeeee, eee eee ee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eeeeee ee eeeee ee eeee ee eeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee eeee-eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeee-eeeeeeeee eeeee.[‌88‌,‌88‌]

Meeeeeeee eeeeee eee eeee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee ee ee eeeeeee ee e eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeee ee ee eeeeeeeeee 88 (Meeeee 88). Meee eeeeeeee ee eeeee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeee eeee (ee eeeeeeee eee eeeeeee) ee e Meeee eeee (ee eeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeee).

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeee Meeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeee ee Meeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeee

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Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeeeee eeee Meeee Meeeeeee ee Meeeeeee eeee Meeeeeee Meeeeeeeeee[‌88‌,‌88‌]

Meee eeeeeeeeeeee M-eeee (M8MMMMM) ee eeeeeeee eee eeeee eee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee 88, eeeee eee ee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee ee eeeeeeee ee eeeeee ee eeeee eeeeee ee eeeeee eeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee ee eeeeee, eee eeee eeee eeeeee. Meeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eee eeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee eee eee eeeeeeeee ee eeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeee M-eeeeee 88, eeeeeeee eeee eeeeee, eee eeeeeeeeeee. Meeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeee, eee eeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌]

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeeee M-Meeeee[‌88‌]

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee (M8M8MMMMeM8) eee eeee ee eeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeee e eeeeeeee eeeeeee eeee, e.e. ee eeeeeeeeeee eeee e eeeeeee eeeeee ee eeee e eeeeee. Meee ee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌]

Meeeeee 88.8 ee eeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeee eee eee eeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeee ee eeeeeeee eeee eeeee eeeeeee. Mee eeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeeee ee e eeee eeee e eeeeeeeeeeee (Meeeee 88). Mee eeeeee eeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeee eee eeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeee ee eeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeee, eee eeee eeee eeeeeeeee eee ee eee eeeeeeeeee eeee ee eee eeeee eeeeeeee eee eee eeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeee ee eee eeeeeeee.

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee Meeee eee Meeeeeeeeeeee

Mee eeeeeeeee ee eeeee ee eeeeeee ee Meeeeee 88.8. Mee eeeeee eeeeeeeee ee eeeee ee eeeeeeee eeeeeee ee eeeee eee eeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee, ee eee eee ee eeeeeeeee ee eeeee eeeeeeeeeee eeeeee ee eeeeee eee eeeee eeeee ee eeeeee ee e eeeeeeeee. Mee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeee ee ee eeeee eeee eeeeeeee, eeeee eee ee eeee ee eeee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee 88 (M8M8) ee eee eeeeeeeeeeeee ee eee eeeee eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeee ee eeeee ee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee 88 (Meeeee 88).[‌88‌,‌88‌] Me eeee, eee eeee eeeeeeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeee ee e eeeee ee eeeeeee eeeee eeee eee eeee eeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeee eee eeeee eeeee eeee eeeeeeeee.

Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee ee Meeee ee Meeeeeee ee Meeeee eeee Meeeeeee[‌88‌,‌88‌]

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Meeeee 88 Meeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee Meeeeeeee, Meeee-Meeeeeeee Meeeeeee, eee Mee, Meee-Meeeeeeee Meeeeeee Meeeeeeee[‌88‌‌88‌]

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