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18.16.6 Product Subclass 6: Orthocarbonic Acid Diester Diamides (Dialkoxydiaminomethanes)

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-018-01407

Diaper, C. M.Science of Synthesis, (2005181220.

Orthocarbonic acid diester diamides are carbamide acetals, a term which denotes an othocarbonic acid derivative with one or two amino and two or three alkoxy groups bonded to a central carbon.[‌136‌] Orthocarbonic acid diester diamides are commonly referred to as tetraalkylurea dialkyl acetals, or more often simply urea acetals.[‌35‌] The chemistry of simple alkyl and aryl urea acetals 86 has been examined in detail (Scheme 23). Alcohols,[‌35‌] trimethylsilyl cyanide,[‌137‌] acyl cyanides,[‌41‌] and Grignard reagents[‌138‌] displace one or both of the amino groups, whereas active methylene compounds,[‌35‌] amines,[‌139‌] amides,[‌140‌] and phosphites[‌141‌] participate in condensation reactions when treated with the urea acetals 86.

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