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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-019-00308

Suginome, M.; Ito, Y.Science of Synthesis, (200419446.

The reaction of silver cyanide with alkyl halides is the most significant milestone in the history of isocyanide chemistry, having led to the first recognition of isocyanides by Gautier and Hofmann in the mid-1860s (Scheme 3).[‌4‌‌8‌] Although it was believed that the yield cannot exceed 50%, on the basis of the amount of silver cyanide because of complexation of the isocyanide formed with the silver cyanide, it was later found that efficient stirring improved the yield to more than 50%. The method still requires an excess of potassium cyanide to liberate free isocyanides 2 from their complexes with silver iodide. A further modification to the procedure involves the use of the onium salts of dicyanoargentate [Ag(CN)2], which permits the convenient synthesis of benzylic isocyanides 3 from the corresponding halides.[‌9‌,‌10‌]

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