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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-020-01178

Evano, G.Science of Synthesis, (2007201249.

Alk-2-ynoic acid esters can be obtained by alkylation of carboxylate salts, usually generated in situ with potassium carbonate or cesium carbonate, with suitable alkylating agents. A large number of simple alk-2-ynoic acid esters 16 have been prepared using this method (examples in Table 3). Good yields are usually obtained when the alkylating agent is a primary alkyl iodide, a benzylic or allylic bromide, or a sulfonate ester. The nucleophilic displacement requires the use of a polar aprotic solvent and dimethylformamide, dimethyl sulfoxide, or even hexamethylphosphoric triamide are used in most cases. With secondary and tertiary alkylating agents, elimination usually becomes a competitive reaction and the yields are considerably lower.

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