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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-021-00693

Lubell, W. D.; Blankenship, J. W.; Fridkin, G.; Kaul, R.Science of Synthesis, (200521789.

The full potential of chemoselective ligation became apparent with the development of methods that could form native amide bonds. The first (and most versatile) of these ligation methods is native chemical ligation,[‌8‌] in which a peptide with a C-terminal thioester reacts with a peptide with an N-terminal cysteine residue. This process was first recognized in the synthesis of an N-acylcysteine dipeptide in which a valine thioester exchanged onto the side-chain thiol of cysteine and subsequently underwent an SN acyl migration.[‌492‌] The modern ligation process normally features the coupling of larger peptide fragments for which an additional alkyl thioester activation step is performed in situ by treatment with an arenethiol (e.g., Bzl-SH or PhSH), resulting in the formation of a significantly more active α-aryl thioester,[‌8‌,‌9‌] thioester exchange with the cysteine side-chain thiol, and an SN acyl shift, which provides the amide and regenerates the initial cysteine side chain (Scheme 41).

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