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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-022-00489

Ostrowska, K.; Kolasa, A.Science of Synthesis, (200522386.

The synthesis of unsubstituted amidines by the classical Pinner reaction[‌36‌,‌37‌] (see synthesis of imidates, HoubenWeyl, Vol. 8, p 697 and synthesis of amidines, HoubenWeyl, Vol. 8, p 702 and Vol. 11/2, p 52) is a two-step process starting from nitriles (R1=alkyl, aryl, ­hetaryl). Since its discovery by A. Pinner and F. Klein in 1889, this procedure, which is described in many reviews,[‌38‌‌41‌] has remained a very popular method for preparation of various acyclic and cyclic amidine derivatives.[‌42‌‌81‌,‌85‌,‌86‌]

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