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22.7.6 Product Subclass 6: Ortho Amides (Alkane-1,1,1-triamines)

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-022-00923

Kantlehner, W.Science of Synthesis, (200522795.

General Introduction

Alkylamines containing one, two, or three dimethylamino groups are of preparative importance and they are produced on an industrial scale. The compounds are mainly used as formylating reagents for CH2- and NH2-acidic compounds. The condensation products can serve as starting compounds in heterocyclic syntheses. The reactivity of alkylamines increases with increasing number of dialkylamino groups present, i.e. alkane-1,1,1-tri­amines show the highest reactivity. Previously published information on this product subclass can be found in HoubenWeyl, Vol. E 5, p 177.