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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-024-00952

Potapov, V. A.; Trofimov, B. A.Science of Synthesis, (200624969.

The reaction of lithium acetylides with chalcogen halides (SCl2, SeCl4, TeCl4) is a convenient method for the preparation of dialk-1-ynyl chalcogenides.[‌66‌,‌119‌,‌120‌] It has been suggested that the reaction of lithium acetylides with tellurium tetrachloride proceeds via the intermediate tetraalk-1-ynyltelluriums 30, which undergo disproportionation to the dialk-1-ynyl tellurides 31 (4269% yield) and the corresponding biacetylenes 32 (Scheme 11).[‌119‌]

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