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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-024-01010

Witulski, B.; Alayrac, C.Science of Synthesis, (2006241007.

General Introduction

Stable members of this product subclass are represented by the N,N-disubstituted alk-1-yn-1-amines 1; they are extremely electron-rich compounds since the amino function is conjugated directly with the triple bond (Scheme 1). The first example was obtained, by chance, through a reaction between 3-bromoprop-1-yne and phenothiazine, which takes place by a hitherto unknown propargylamine to ynamine rearrangement.[‌1‌] Two years later, the synthesis of N,N-diethylacetylenamine was achieved, but the yield was only 2%.[‌2‌] The first reliable method for the preparation of these compounds was reported in 1963; it is based upon the treatment of 1-chloro-1-fluoroethene with lithium dialkylamides.[‌3‌] Since then, new methods have been developed that rely either on substitution, elimination, isomerization, or on fragmentation reactions.[‌4‌‌10‌] N,N-Disubstituted acetylenamines are used in a broad range of addition and cycloaddition reactions and, to a lesser degree, as building blocks in organic synthesis.[‌4‌‌11‌] They can also serve as dehydrating agents in peptide synthesis, and in esterification reactions.[‌5‌] N,N-Disubstituted 2-acylalk-1-yn-1-amines 2 (Scheme 1), so-called pushpull-substituted ynamines, are also useful activating agents in peptide synthesis.[‌12‌‌14‌]

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