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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-025-00443

Schall, A.; Reiser, O.Science of Synthesis, (200725639.

A major concern of the Gatterman Reaction (Section is the employment of anhydrous hydrogen cyanide, and consequently methods for the in situ generation of this reagent are highly sought after. It was discovered that zinc(II) cyanide can be employed (GattermannAdams modification, Section, Table 16, entries 48, and Table 17, entry 1), which liberates hydrogen cyanide upon treatment with hydrochloric acid, and at the same time provides zinc(II) ions as the Lewis acid present to facilitate the formation of the chloroiminium salt. Aluminum trichloride is sometimes added in addition. A typical example can be found in the preparation of 38 (Scheme 21).[‌45‌]

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