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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-026-00382

Plaquevent, J.-C.; Cahard, D.; Guillen, F.Science of Synthesis, (200526525.

Although organocopper reagents can undergo 1,2-addition onto ketones,[‌73‌] this reaction is usually far slower than 1,4-addition onto enones. Since the initial research in this area,[‌74‌] various types of organocopper reagents have been used; here, only stoichiometric use of copper is discussed (catalytic use of a copper salt or complex with a stoichiometric amount of another organometallic, for example organozinc and Grignard reagents, is discussed in Sections and Several types of organometallic reagents that can be classified according to the valency of copper are available for 1,4-addition. Valuable information on the preparation and use of organocopper reagents, including detailed experimental procedures, has been described.[‌75‌]

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8 M M Me M 88 8:88.8 [‌88‌]
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8 MMMM (MM8)8MM8Me Me Me 88 8.8:8 [‌88‌]
8 M M Me M 88 88.8:8 (8:8) [‌88‌]
8 eMe M Me M 88 >88:8 (8.8:8) [‌88‌]
8 M M Me Me 88 8.8:8 [‌88‌]
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