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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-026-00532

Landais, Y.; Vincent, J. M.Science of Synthesis, (200526673.

One of the most frequently used reagents for the direct introduction of a ketone group α to a carbonyl group is selenium dioxide and it generally affords 1,2-diketones in fair to good yields by simply refluxing the reactants in ethanol or 1,4-dioxane.[‌104‌] Refluxing cycloheptanone 130 in ethanol for 6hours with selenium dioxide (1 equiv) affords cycloheptane-1,2-dione (131) in 91% yield (Scheme 31).[‌105‌] Selenium dioxide oxidations probably occur through a β-oxo seleninic acid organoselenium intermediate, formed by the electrophilic attack of selenious acid on the enol, which after Pummerer-like decomposition yields the diketone.[‌106‌]

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