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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-027-00847

Schobert, R.; Gordon, G. J.Science of Synthesis, (200427997.

The addition of a base to a phosphonium salt 49 is the most general method for the generation of phosphorus ylides 50 (Scheme 17). Here, a wide range of bases may be employed, varying in strength from butyllithium,[‌13‌,‌282‌,‌306‌,‌307‌] through sodium hydride,[‌308‌] sodium amide,[‌191‌,‌291‌,‌309‌,‌310‌] potassium or sodium hexamethyldisilazanide,[‌282‌,‌311‌,‌312‌] sodium hydroxide,[‌294‌,‌313‌,‌314‌] and sodium alkoxides,[‌142‌,‌315‌,‌316‌] to organic bases such as pyridine[‌187‌,‌294‌] and triethylamine.[‌187‌] The strength of the base used depends on the acidity of the phosphonium salt, which in turn is determined by the substituents adjacent to the ylidic carbon. Weak bases (amines, carbonates, and aqueous alkalis) may be used for the generation of ylides stabilized by electron-withdrawing groups such as esters, ketones, and nitriles. However, phosphonium salts bearing alkyl groups require strong bases (alkyllithiums or alkali metal amides), and a protective gas atmosphere to prevent the unstabilized ylide reacting with the air. Although widely used in organic synthesis, such reactive ylides have rarely been isolated in a highly pure form.

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