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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-029-00478

Kouklovsky, C.Science of Synthesis, (200729605.

Owing to their instability, and the difficulties encountered in their preparation, 1,3-dioxocanes, 1,3-dioxonanes, and higher homologues have found very little application in organic synthesis, except in the field of polymer science. 1,3-Dioxocanes are more reactive toward ring opening than 1,3-dioxepanes or 1,3-dioxanes and the monoprotected 1,5-diols 268 are obtained in high yield after a short reaction of the 1,3-dioxocanes with boron trichloride (Scheme 178).[‌343‌] The α-chloro ethers are not isolated but reduced with lithium aluminum hydride.

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