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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-029-00649

Merino, P.Science of Synthesis, (200729707.

Iminoperoxyacetates 6, prepared from the corresponding oximes 5, give the compounds 8 in good yields by refluxing in benzene (Scheme 2).[‌1‌] The reaction proceeds through the formation of the iminooxymethyl radical 7, produced after loss of the tert-butoxy group and further decarboxylation. The coupling between such a radical and a tert-butoxy radical yields the final products. When the same reaction is carried out in bromobenzene, a significant decrease in the yields of 8 with concomitant appearance of byproducts is observed.[‌1‌] Under these conditions, the formation of the corresponding iminyl radicals has been postulated.[‌2‌,‌3‌]

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