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29.15 Product Class 15: Glycosyl Oxygen Compounds (Except Di- and Oligosaccharides)

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-029-00907

Kryczka, B.; Lewkowski, J.; Zawisza, A.Science of Synthesis, (200729971.

General Introduction

A glycoside may be defined as a mixed acetal resulting from the exchange of the hydrogen atom of the hemiacetal group of a cyclic aldose or ketose by an alkyl or aryl group. Sugars are found in nature in a wide variety of forms and in chemical association with a vast number of other compounds, including other sugars; many of these derivatives have key roles to play in biological processes as well as providing structure and form in high-molecular-mass assemblies. Attachment of sugar units to other molecules can be made via O-, N-, S-, or C-glycoside bonds to the anomeric center, but in nature O-glycosylation predominates. Indeed, O-glycosides are interesting compounds from both biological and chemical points of view and some of them are valuable glycosylating agents for the synthesis of other classes of sugars.

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