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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-032-00750

Sartori, G.; Maggi, R.Science of Synthesis, (200832787.

The [3+2] cycloaddition of nitrones 18 to electron-deficient alkynes 19 in the presence of nucleophilic catalysts gives 2,3-dihydroisoxazoles 20 in good yield (Table 3).[‌7‌]

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8 Me Me Me eeeeeeeeeeee, MeMe, M8M, 88°M, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
8 Me Me Me Me8M, M8M, ee, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
8 Me Me Me Me8M, MeMe, M8M, 88°M, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
8 Me (MM8)8Me Me Me8M, M8M, ee, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
8 Me MM8Me Me Me8M, M8M, ee, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
8 Me Me Me Me8M, M8M, ee, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
8 Me Me Me Me8M, M8M, ee, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
88 Me Me Me Me8M, M8M, ee, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
88 eMe (MM8)8Me Me eeeeeeeeeeee, MeMe, M8M, 88°M, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
88 Me (MM8)8Me Me eeeeeeeeeeee, MeMe, M8M, 88°M, 88e 88 [‌8‌]
88 (MM8)8Me (MM8)8Me Me eeeeeeeeeeee, MeMe, M8M, 88°M, 88e 88 [‌8‌]

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