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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-034-00041

Dax, K.Science of Synthesis, (200534138.

From the combinations of hydrogen fluoride with organic bases, 70% hydrogen fluoride/pyridine (234) [pyridinium poly(hydrogen fluoride)] provides an efficient means to convert alcohols into the corresponding fluoroalkanes.[‌250‌‌252‌] It is sometimes called Olah's reagent, and is commercially available. Nevertheless, a procedure for its synthesis[‌252‌,‌253‌] is reproduced below (Scheme 49). A selection of results with alcohols is presented in Table 29.

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e-MeMM MM, eeeeee, 88°M, 8e e-MeM 88 [‌888‌]
MeMM MM, eeeeee, 88°M, 8e MeM 88 [‌888‌]
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