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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-036-00701

Bingham, M. J.; Greaney, M. F.Science of Synthesis, (200836992.

The hydrolytic ring opening of aziridines 37 can be achieved under a range of conditions to afford β-amino alcohols with both stereo- and regiocontrol (e.g., conversion of 38 into 39, Scheme 17).[‌121‌,‌122‌] The regio- and stereoselectivities are determined by the nature of the protecting group on the nitrogen atom, the stereochemistry of the aziridine starting material, and the presence of neighboring functionality.

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Me8MMMM8 (8.8 eeeee), M8M, 88°M 88 [‌888‌]
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