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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-036-00701

Bingham, M. J.; Greaney, M. F.Science of Synthesis, (2008361018.

The formal hydration of alkenes through hydroboration and sequential oxidation by basic peroxide is a fundamental functional-group interconversion in the chemistry of alcohols.[‌289‌,‌290‌] The reaction can be applied to a vast range of alkenes, including allylic nitrogen-, phosphorus-, oxygen-, sulfur-, selenium- or tellurium-containing compounds. As a result, it represents a reliable method for the synthesis of γheteroatom-substituted alcohols. Although the preparation of the requisite allyl substrates is generally beyond the scope of this section, the simplest method involves exploiting the nucleophilicity of the parent heteroatomic compound by conducting an allylation reaction with an allyl halide. The hydroboration/basic peroxide treatment then follows to produce the desired 1,3-difunctional compound with high regioselectivity; this sequence is illustrated for the carbamate starting material 89 (Scheme 45).[‌291‌]

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