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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-037-00438

Robina, I.; Vogel, P.Science of Synthesis, (200837653.

1,4-Anhydro-d-threitol [(R,R)-47] and 1,4-anhydro-l-threitol [(S,S)-47][‌43‌,‌44‌] are obtained by dehydration of d-threitol (46) and l-threitol (48), respectively, by heating in 50% aqueous sulfuric acid at 120°C, or simply by heating with 2M aqueous hydrochloric acid at 90°C. 1,4-Anhydroerythritol (50) (meso-erythritol) is prepared under the same conditions on heating erythritol (49) in the presence of a small proportion of a xylenesulfonic acid at 130150°C under vacuum (Scheme 9).[‌45‌]

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