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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-039-00430

Comasseto, J. V.; Guarezemini, A. S.Science of Synthesis, (200839405.

Alkanethiols can be prepared by appropriate reactions of a number of heterocyclic systems.[‌159‌] Examples of these transformations are shown in Table 2.

Meeee 8 Meeeeeeeeeee eeee Meeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeeee[‌888‌,‌888‌‌888‌]

Meeeeeee Meeeeeeeeee Meeeeeeeee Meeeeeeeeee Mee
eeeeee eee, MMM, ee, 88e [‌888‌]
Me8M, MM8Me8, ee, 88e [‌888‌]
e-eeeeee, eeeeee [‌888‌,‌888‌]
MeMe, Me8M, 88°M, 88 e [‌888‌]
MeM8, MMMM, MMM, 88°M ee ee, 88e [‌888‌]
Me8MeMe, MM8Me8, ee [‌888‌]
MeMe8, MM8Me8, MeMM, ee, 8e [‌888‌]
MeMe8, MeMM, 8°M [‌888‌]
MeMeMe, ee MeMMM8 [‌888‌]
MM8, MMM, 88°M, 8e
MeMM8, MMM, ee, 8e
8M MMe, eeee, 8e [‌888‌]
M8M, eeee, 8e [‌888‌]
MM8MM8 [‌888‌,‌888‌,‌888‌]
MM8MM [‌888‌,‌888‌,‌888‌]
MMe, MM8Me8, 88°M, 8.8e [‌888‌]
MMM, MM8Me8, 88°M [‌888‌,‌888‌, ‌888‌,‌888‌]
MeMM8, eMeMM [‌888‌]
8M MMe, eeeeee, 88e [‌888‌]
MM8MMMMe [‌888‌]