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40.1.4 Product Subclass 4: n-Nitrogen- or n-Phosphorus-Functionalized Alkylamines (n ≥2)

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-040-00411

Roy, K.-M.Science of Synthesis, (200940615.

General Introduction

1,n-Diamines (n 2) can be prepeared by various addition reactions across CC and CN bonds, including amination of dienes and alkenes, ring opening of aziridines and azetidines with amines or azides, and coupling reactions of nitrogen compounds such as imines and amines. These methods have been reviewed in HoubenWeyl, Vol. E 16d, pp 791, 808, 1127, 1169, and Vol. E 21d, pp 5325, 5361, 5372, 5693, as well as in other series and journals.[‌1‌,‌2‌] The formation of 1,3-diamines by catalytic reductive cleavage of cyclic hydrazines is discussed in Section[‌3‌]