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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-040-00445

Sweeney, J. B.Science of Synthesis, (200940691.

Aziridine ring syntheses reported in the contemporary literature often employ cyclization reactions of 2-aminoalkanols; the method was first reported by reported by Gabriel, in 1888. Thus, aziridines were prepared in a two-step process, by chlorination of ethanolamines with thionyl chloride followed by alkali-induced cyclization.[‌268‌,‌269‌] An alternative procedure was developed by Wenker,[‌270‌] who converted ethanolamine into aziridine (ethylene imine) via β-aminoethyl sulfuric acid,[‌271‌] presumably via the cyclic sulfamidate (Wenker himself suggested an oxidized intermediate) (Scheme 101). The process is robust and can be carried out on large scale.[‌272‌] Though the Wenker method remains a useful process for relatively insensitive 2-aminoalkanols, other substrates (such as tertiary alcohols) decompose rather than undergo cyclization. The high temperatures required in the original methods can be avoided using high pressure methods.[‌273‌‌275‌] The reaction is stereospecific: if enantiomerically pure 2-aminoalkanols are utilized, enantiopure aziridines are usually obtained, via SN2 reaction with concomitant inversion (Scheme 101).[‌276‌]

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