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40.2 Product Class 2: Nitroxyl Radicals (Nitroxides)

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-040-00572

Studer, A.; Vogler, T.Science of Synthesis, (200940845.

General Introduction

Nitroxyl radicals, which are also called nitroxides, are N,N-disubstituted N-oxyl radicals with an unpaired electron delocalized between the nitrogen and the oxygen atom. The delocalization of the electron is indicated by the two resonance structures 1 and 2 (Scheme 1). Nitroxides are paramagnetic compounds that are readily characterized by EPR spectroscopy. In the solid state most nitroxides can be stored for several years. However, nitroxides that are only stable for a very short time under special conditions are also known. For a comprehensive description of the synthetic chemistry of stable nitroxides the reader is referred to an excellent book.[‌1‌]

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