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40.8 Product Class 8: 1,2-Diazacycloalkanes

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-040-00913

Maison, W.Science of Synthesis, (2009401211.

General Introduction

1,2-Diazacycloalkanes are ubiquitous structural elements and can be found in natural products such as the cyclic tetrapeptide glomecidin (Scheme 1) and several other peptides.[‌1‌‌4‌] In addition, the diazacycloalkane motif is present in a number of pharmaceutically relevant molecules such as azafagomine and a range of related azasugars.[‌5‌] Aza analogues of proteinogenic amino acids such as azaproline and piperazic acid are abundant in many natural products and have found widespread use in bioorganic chemistry.[‌6‌‌8‌]

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