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40.13 Product Class 13: Ammoniumsulfonates, Thiohydroxylamines, and Aminosulfonium Salts

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-040-01022

Schaumann, E.Science of Synthesis, (2009401305.

General Introduction

Amine N-oxides (Section 40.3) may be looked upon as heteroanalogues of N-ylides (see Section 40.1.7); their nitrogen analogues, N-imines, are discussed as part of hydrazine synthesis in Sections The analogous sulfur compounds, amine N-sulfides 1, are not known, though the chemistry of their formal oxidation products, ammoniumsulfonates 2 (Scheme 1), is well documented (see HoubenWeyl, Vol. 11/2, pp 645682).

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