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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-041-00470

Kempa, S.; Wallach, L.; Rück-Braun, K.Science of Synthesis, (201041469.

The oxidation of 1,2-dialkylhydrazines has been known since the end of the 19th century, when the synthesis of 2,2-azobisisobutyronitrile and derivatives from the corresponding hydrazines using bromine water was reported.[‌3‌] These reactions are generally carried out in the presence of hydrochloric acid by adding bromine water to a cooled solution of the starting material dissolved in ethanol. The mechanism is assumed to involve bromination at nitrogen followed by elimination.[‌67‌] Comparable but anhydrous reaction conditions, using bromine as the oxidizing agent and benzene or tetrahydrofuran as the solvent, to give dialkyldiazenes 22 in good yields have also been employed (Scheme 15).[‌68‌] Another common oxidant which has been successfully applied in the oxidation of 1,2-dialkylhydrazines to give dialkyldiazenes 22 is mercury(II) oxide.[‌69‌‌72‌] These oxidation reactions are generally carried out in water[‌69‌] or anhydrous diethyl ether,[‌72‌,‌73‌] affording yields of 5196%. Oxidation reactions with benzeneseleninic anhydride or benzeneseleninic acid in tetrahydrofuran or deuterated chloroform also furnish diazenes in very good yields at room temperature. An advantage of these oxidants is the short reaction times required.[‌74‌,‌75‌] It is also possible to oxidize hydrazines with elemental oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, or even commercial bleach.[‌35‌,‌73‌,‌76‌] In an interesting variation, the hydrazine precursors are formed from 2 equivalents of an isocyanate with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant.[‌77‌]

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