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DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-042-01089

Urgaonkar, S.; Verkade, J. G.Science of Synthesis, (200942924.

The synthesis of two commonly used Schwesinger bases, P1-t-Bu (1) and P4-t-Bu (6), is discussed here. The P1-phosphazene base P1-t-Bu (1) can be prepared by the reaction of chlorophosphonium salt 7 with tert-butylamine at 130°C in a sealed tube, followed by treatment with potassium hydroxide (Scheme 2).[‌6‌] When synthesized from the more stable phosphorimidic trichloride precursor 8, phosphazene base 1 is obtained in 80% overall yield (Scheme 2).[‌7‌]

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