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46.3 Synthesis by Alkene Metathesis

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-046-00046

Diver, S. T.Science of Synthesis, (20094697.

General Introduction

Metathesis has become an important method for 1,3-diene synthesis. The 1,3-diene motif was previously difficult to access and often required multistep chemical synthesis, producing a mixture of stereoisomers. Nonetheless, chemists would tough it out using the classical approaches to synthesize the needed dienes because of their usefulness in DielsAlder cycloaddition, an expedient method of ring building. With metathesis-based approaches, the 1,3-diene is synthesized in a single reaction step from alkene and alkyne reactants. Significantly, the reaction is a catalytic transformation and employs the mild and readily available Grubbs catalysts. There are two metathesis approaches to conjugated diene synthesis covered in this article. First, metathesis of a molar excess of an alkene in the presence of an alkyne gives a 1,3-diene (conjugated diene) and has become known as eneyne or enyne metathesis (Scheme 1). The enyne metathesis is a catalytic process because a metal carbene is regenerated during conjugated diene formation (the mechanism is beyond the scope of this review, but the interested reader is directed to various papers[‌1‌‌4‌]). The ruthenium carbenes known as Grubbs catalysts promote enyne metathesis with excellent chemoselectivity. The second and less used approach is the metathesis between a conjugated diene and an alkene to make a more highly substituted conjugated diene (Scheme 1).

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