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47 Alkenes

DOI: 10.1055/sos-SD-047-00001

de Meijere, A.Science of Synthesis, (2010471.

Alkenes are endowed with a C=C bond, and this constitutes the simplest, yet one of the most versatile functional groups in organic molecules. In terms of worldwide annual production by the petrochemical industry, the simple alkenes, namely ethene, propene, and the isomeric butenes, play the dominant role, and are building blocks for a vast number of chemical intermediates and final consumer products. In this volume of Science of Synthesis (consisting of two subvolumes, 47a and 47b), the various methods for the preparation of alkenes are discussed and evaluated. The focus is on purely hydrocarbon alkenes and cycloalkenes without any functional groups directly attached to the C=C bond; such functionalized compounds constitute other product classes that are covered in other volumes of Science of Synthesis, according to the organizational system employed in the series. However, some of the established methods that need to be covered here, at least briefly for systematic reasons, have mostly or even solely been used to prepare such functionally substituted examples, while alkenes with remote functional groups are also included here, with cross-references to other volumes of Science of Synthesis whenever necessary. Previously published reviews, book chapters, and books on any of the presented methods are referred to wherever applicable.

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